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30cm x 30cm Fusamat or 12″ x 12″


This is the baby in the Fusamat range. It is ideal for taking to retreats and classes as it very portable and compact.

The advantages of Fusamat:

  • Fusamat revolutionizes the applique process by allowing you to see through the mat during construction – making the applique process much easier…
  • The tacky surface enables you to create your applique design in one easy composition…
  • Its unique covering allows for a non-slip ironing surface and applique formation…
  • In the past fusible would leak onto your iron and ironing surfaces causing a huge mess – new technology built into Fusamat stops the leakage of fusible altogether…
  • Your Fusamat is easily cleaned, very strong, reversible and durable so it will take any beating you give it…
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